Playtime Programs™ to Energize, Educate, and Entertain!

We deliver dynamic and interactive entertainment, improv business training, and team building for clients of all sizes. Driven by our theatrical, comedy, and corporate experience, we customize performances, videos, improv training, coaching and teamwork humor to empower creative confidence, cultivate emotional intelligence, and generate excitement for any corporate or social event.

As a pioneer of Play in the Workplace™, StageCoach Improv believes that you have to give yourself permission to play as you navigate the unknown through experiential learning...and laughing.

Improv Comedy
Sketch Comedy
Corporate Comedy
Corporate Imposters
Guest Speakers
Unexpected Theater
Emcee | Host
Video Productions
Corporate Events | Parties
Corporate Improv
Communication Skills
Corporate Teamwork
Presentation Skills
Interview Skills
Sales is Improv
Leadership Skills
Executive Coaching
Workplace Productivity
CRISP™ - Conflict Resolution Interactive Skills Program
Conflict Management
Navigate the "Road to Resolution"

"WOW! What creative fun! You blew away our expectations!"

~ TD Bank


Our Mission is to cultivate awareness through improvisation inspired by humor and the search for truth and spontaneity in each and every moment.

StageCoach Improv serves Boston, New England, New York, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Austin, Ohio, LA, and wherever you are.
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